A New Home

Last week I moved into a house again. An opportunity arose for cheap rent close to town on a month-by-month basis. I took it. I like my house mates. It’s nice to have a place to work. It’s great to have a place to cook. I’m able to keep food much longer before it goes bad. There is a shed where I can build things. I’m able to get a little more stuff (like my records) than I can fit into my car.

I do like living in my car but it takes a lot more energy to get by than when you have a house. You need to be a lot more prepared and there is a much higher overhead to do anything. I’m spending $420 a month on rent and bills. That is $14 a day. My per-diem was $30 but living on $16 is going to be pretty well impossible without totally giving up coffee and beer. I’ve given up cigarettes already so I think I’ve sacrificed enough. I’m going to overspend for a while and deal with it.

I’m not sure if staying in the house will last. There isn’t anything wrong with here, it’s just that I expect I will be offered a better opportunity sooner or later. Initially, I was reluctant about the idea because I was afraid of committing to something that I didn’t really want. Instead I’ve made an arrangement that I can stay here on a month-by-month basis. I’ll try it out for a month, let them know how it’s working for me. Then, I’ll either give them a months notice and leave or I’ll continue with the same arrangement.

Now I need to be careful that I don’t cut myself off from the world and prevent new opportunities from coming to me.