Sorry, Analytics is now enabled.

I apologise. I’ve included Google Analytics in this website. I was trying to avoid it but I couldn’t find a free alternative that had a similar offering.

The reason I wanted to avoid it was only because I don’t find it fair that I relay my visitor’s metadata onto Google. I’ve configured the Data Sharing Settings to not share any data.

There are some things that I’d like to know about my users. For instance how many of them are accessing my site from a mobile so I know if I should get around to fixing the mobile layout. But mostly, as much as pretend it’s not the case, I have an ego and would like to know how many people see what I write.

I have S3 logging but unfortunately they are pretty useless to scan through manually. It would be nice if I had some sort of parser but I can’t justify running a server to do that. With the announcement of AWS Lambda, I think it may be possible to set up some hooks to parse and process the logs as they are generated, then recreate a static site that would be hosted from within S3 to present the results. I would assume it’s something that AWS are working on for CloudTrail so I’m a bit reluctant to make it myself.

If/When that happens, I’ll probably turn off Google Analytics and use the AWS service instead. It depends on how complete the data is.

Of course, if you don’t want to participate you can install one of the many browser plugins.