Bread Baking

Today I baked my very first ever loaf of bread (that isn’t damper which I used to eat a lot). I’m not sure how it will turn out yet because it’s not baked. I’ve given it the last kneed and waiting one last time for it to rise before it gets baked. I’m looking forward to this.

If it works out, I’d like to build a bush oven and maybe build or buy some sort of machine that will allow me to grind the flour myself. First things first though, I need to make sure that I’m even able to make a bread that I like.

The bread is cooked and super lekker. I’ve already eaten half the loaf. It didn’t rise very high, was heavy and had big holes in it. It looked a lot like a crumpet but was way better.

I wish I cooked two. I might have to make another one tomorrow.