Day One

Well today I arrived back into Melbourne from being away for almost two years. It’s nice to be home at my parents house again. It feels like waking up from a dream. My memories were a reduced to a bland list of facts which I used to create a representation of reality. Those facts, while true weren’t enough to express anything close to what I found when I arrived home again.

I forgot how the cold chills you to the bone. The temperature isn’t very low but the damp saps the heat from your body. You can watch the warmth leave your body with each breath. Anything you touch takes some of your heat for itself. The air itself feels wet on your skin. The cold here is thick and smothers you from every direction.

I also forgot that the nights aren’t silent. I must have asserted that without the source of the noises that I was used to hearing, then there must be no noise. No Ambulance sirens delivering the unfortunate. No squealing wheels of a tram being forced around a corner it doesn’t wish to turn. No eager motorists with places to be. No buildings that cannot wait until morning before they are constructed. Here the frogs and the crickets sing in unison, collaborating to give silence its life. The sound swells in and out like a collective heart beat. Just like a blank canvas, the silence here doesn’t lack any texture.

I cant wait to again experience what the new sun feels like when it conquers the day back from the darkness. I’m sure my memory has failed me on that too.