Getting Back On Track

Yesterday I was in town to have a wash when I overheard the unmistakable sound of a man playing some harp. I found the bloke around the corner and got talking to him. He asked me to grab my guitar and have a play. Actually, I think that it went something closer to “my guitar is in the car, let me get it”. I’ve been too long by myself. Any opportunity I get to talk I’m jumping at with more eagerness than is polite. I’m also developing a bad habit of not listening enough. I think it’s starting to go now. I’m beginning to talk myself sane again.

So we had a nice long play for a couple of hours probably. The passes-by were very generous. They would have given us twenty or thirty dollars an hour. I’m not sure exactly how much. I only asked for a beer cause I did crash his session.

Well anyway, as it turns out that he’s hobo too. He showed me where he has his tent hidden away. Told me, too he wouldn’t mind if I used the same spot. I stayed there last night and I didn’t wake up dead. So far so good.

I told him about my dilemma of wanting to build a hut but then being too lonely when I tried. He said he’d love to help me build a hut and has a few ideas where we could get away with it within about 5km from town.

I’ve been asking around town about him. He seems pretty okay, but I wan’t to make sure he’s not a psychopath before I commit to anything. He’s an old fella so if he does turn out a little insane, hopefully I can outrun him. I’ll get to know him a bit better over the next week. There is a four day blues festival in Bendigo at the end of next week. The week after I should have got to know him well enough to judge whether this is a good or a bad idea.