I Got Work

I was chilling out at home on Monday just minding my own business. I’d been pretty busy and was quite content to take another day at home to relax and catch up with some ‘me time’.

I’d just pulled out the tools to get started on my woodworking when I saw a man walking down the driveway. He was there to pick up a shed that he had stored here. He asked if I’d give him a hand for a few hours to load it up on the truck. He offered me a couple of bucks for my trouble but I figured if it actually was a couple of bucks it’d probably still be worth it for another chance to make some more local friends.

He had a couple of other blokes there to help as well but it still took all day. It was a bit more work than I expected but I did get some new friends, some cash and perhaps some more work in the future.

But the work wasn’t what I wanted to write about. It’s the uncanny ability I seem to have for good things to come to me. I’ve been here for one week and I’ve really suprised myself as to what I’ve achieved.

  • A place to live, albeit temporary.
  • A friend who wants to build a hut in the bush with me.
  • A days work.
  • Friends to play music with.
  • People that I genuinely would call friends.
  • Police who are happy for me to sleep in my car and aren’t trying to drive me out of their town.
  • A bit of a routine that I’m comfortable with.

Before, I was thinking that the opportunities were coming to me because I was chasing them down. I was intentionally putting myself in a position where opportunities could present themselves. I was visiting the pub more often that I could afford. I was talking to people as much as possible. But most importantly, I was out of the house. If that is true though, it make no sense that even when I try to withdraw and take some time for myself, opportunities still present themselves. Perhaps it was just coincidence.

I’ve been told that the Dutch have a word for it called gunnen. As far as I know, there isn’t an equivalent English word. My understanding of the definition is:

To wish good upon someone. Not as a charity, nor because they deserve it. Only because you want them to have it.

I’ve also been told that I’m an unlikely recipient of my than my fair share of it. I’m really beginning to believe they were right.