Pottery - Crafting a Small Urn

A couple of days ago I had my first attempt at pottery. It was a pretty feeble attempt and consisted of not much more than grabbing a handful of dirt, mixing it with water, pressing it into a crude shape then checking what it did as it dried.

It didn’t crack or break apart at all. It was quiet brittle as I expected but I was satisfied with the result to continue with something a little bit more substantial.

I dug up a couple of bucketfuls of dirt and sieved out all the stone and lumps until I had nothing more than a fine powder of dust. Half a bucketful.

I worked some water into it and mashed it in with my feet until I had the consistency that I wanted then began working on a small urn. I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet, this is still an experiment in whether I can do it.

It looks pretty crap but that doesn’t matter. Chances are it will break when I try to fire it. What I’m hoping for is that enough of it will survive that I can get an idea of the characteristics of the fired material. Specifically how strong and how porous it is.