Power Inverter

I decided last week that I’d get a power inverter to charge my MacBook Pro. I could have used a car charger but I decided that as inefficient as an inverter is, it might be handy to have 240v just in case I needed it.

I mounted it in the back of my Ute on the weekend. That all went pretty smooth. I just needed to connect it to a cigarette lighter socket which was already there and screw it to the wall.

The problems began when I tried to use it. I plugged my laptop in and it almost immediately started complaining that I was drawing more power than the 180 watt inverter could supply. That was of course impossible with the 65 watt charger connected to it. I tried all sorts of combinations but I couldn’t stop it from beeping.

I figured that it must be broken so took it back and got it exchanged. I tried the replacement in the car park before I left the shop but no dice. I went back inside and got my money returned.

Now I’ve placed an order for the MacBook Car Charger like I probably should have done in the first place. It’s heaps cheaper, will be more efficient on power, more portable, but less versatile. I don’t have many things that can’t be charged over USB. I think I’ll be right.

So if your wondering if an inverter can be used to power a MacBook. You may find it problematic. Even a good quality one that claims to provide a real sine-wave.

UPDATE 16/10/14: The MacBook car charger has come in and it works like a champ. Thanks Macfixit.