Scratch Plate Part 2

I gave the scratch plate a good go with a little bit of recording. It works well but it could have gone a little higher up the body. It’s good enough to stop me from digging holes like I wanted but the thumbpick is scratching the paint off the guitar a bit. It’s a crappy paint job so I don’t mind.

The sound is really impressive, especially using the P90 single-coil. There is a little bit of humming because the strings aren’t grounded but the scratch plate is so it’s mostly fine.

As I was happy with the result of the current progress, I figured that I should give it a coat of paint.

This is how it started.

how it started

I sanded back the original paint. post-prep

Then I started painting. post-paint

I managed to paint it way too dry and it was a really rough finish.

The back went on great so I just left that as it was.


This is how it looked after sanding the front all flat again and got it ready for another hit of paint.


And the finished result.


I turned around the pickup too because the switch was activating the front pickup in the back position.

This job is done… :)