Test Run - Day One

Yesterday I started on my initial scouting mission. I was aimed at a place out bush south of the highway between Cann River and Mallacoota. That was too far to drive in a day (considering I don’t like to drive more than about 4 hours in a day and don’t move too fast). I stopped at Lakes Entrance to look around. It’s a nice little fishing village about 400KM from Melbourne. I’ve been there many times and the people there are always very friendly and I like to drink beer in their pub.

I told one bloke there about my plans and he warned me there are quite a few wild dogs out that way. According to him, they can be dangerous and you’d want to have a gun with you. Instead he suggested to take a look north of Orbost. He thinks it would be possible to find a nice spot close to some fresh water to do what I want.

Apart from that, the only other concern I have is to do with the fuel efficacy of my car. I’m not getting very good mileage (only about 13.5 Litres per 100KM). I put in some injector cleaner but it doesn’t seemed to have helped. I think I might need to do something more about it. 400KM per tank isn’t good enough.

The other worry is I think there is an earth problem with my petrol gauge. The needle jumps up and down and is rather disconcerting, especially knowing that I’m going through a lot of petrol anyway.

Other than that, I had a look at the beach and took some photos. Ran couple of errands like buying some supplies and some last things that I’d need.