Test Run - Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a little bit about whether I want to live in the bush. I think now, a big part of wanting to leave the city has been because it has been so long since I’d seen the Aussie bush. I just needed to submerse myself in it. I’ve been here for a couple of days and I’m beginning to wonder if I can deal with being alone so much. Perhaps this is something that is best done with someone else.

I’m feeling dirty too. That’s not helping me feel comfortable and it’s affecting my state of mind. I’ve been working pretty hard, standing over fires and the weather has been quite warm for the last few days. I had a bit of a wash yesterday but it was nothing like my regular nice warm shower. When I get back, I’m going to think about what I can do to make it easier to keep clean. Perhaps if I wash better, I’ll be more happy about being here.

I’ve thought about buying a block of land close to a rural town where I can mix with people as I like. Small towns have the problem where there may be little choice of interesting people. I grew up in a small town and didn’t really like anyone there. It wasn’t until I got to high school that I started to meet people who I really understood. Small town folk are interested in cricket, football, beer, work, farming and the weather. They are often pretty rough and take things pretty easy. If they have have some money and some beer, most of them are pretty happy. I want more with my life and I like to be challenged. Just having a larger population helps to find compatible people.

If I decide to buy a block of land, it will mean that I’ll have to get a job again. Getting a job will mean that I’ll probably have to move close to the city again. I’ll probably have to wait about ten years for the trees I will need to plant to grow back. I may get in trouble with the council for not following building regulations. I don’t think they look too kindly on people living in cars on their own property either.

Bellingen in northern NSW was a small town that I really connected to. I got on well with the people and it didn’t matter that there weren’t many of them. The trouble is that I want to stay close to Melbourne. Maybe I’ll take a look around closer to Melbourne and see if there is a place with similar people. Hepburn Springs, Warrandyte and the Dandenongs may all be worth looking at. They have a fair amount of bush and all have their share of hippies.

This journey seems to be less about living in the bush than it is learning about how I want to live. I think it will be a good idea to spend a few days in the city and remind myself what I do and don’t like about living there. After I’ve done that I’ll decide what to do next.