Couple Of Quick Tracks

The last few months I’ve been learning how to play bottleneck slide. I’m quickly becoming okay at it and figured that it was high time to share a few songs.

They are a bit hackish still. There are mistakes and for some reason it’s recorded way too loud, but meh. One day when I’m better at playing the songs I’ll care to make a better recording. For now, the main thing is I don’t want to forget how I play them. Now that they are recorded that shouldn’t be a problem.

The first one is a Tampa Red song called “Love Her With a Feeling”.

The next track is something that I’ve been working on for a few days now. It’s called “Sittin’ On Top Of the World” and I’ve taken a lot of inspiration for the guitar from the Johnny Shines recording of it on the album “Traditional Delta Blues”. The lyrics are a lot closer to how Howlin’ Wolf’s sang them.

And the last track is Son House’s Death Letter Blues. It’s one that I was never able to get feeling right with standard tuning. Playing it this way is much, much easier.