Fables - The Dairy Cow and the Dog

This morning I was reading Aesop’s Fables and I decided I’d like to write one of my own. After a little while I was reminded of a moral that I though could translate well so I sat down and gave it a go.

The Dairy Cow and the Dog

One day a boy heard the distressed calls of a cow in a nearby field. He approached her and asked what was causing her to make such a racket. She explained that during the night her farmer had become awfully sick and was rushed to hospital. She hadn’t been milked all morning and was dreadfully uncomfortable.

The boy, recognising both an opportunity for himself and the chance to ease the cow’s discomfort fetched a pail and began collecting the milk.

At just that moment the farmers dog noticed the boy stealing milk from his masters cow. Immediately, he jumped to his feet and chased the boy back across the field and over the fence.

For his effort, instead of a pail of milk and the satisfaction of assisting the uncomfortable cow, the boy received only a terrible fright and several nasty bites.

Sometimes two wrongs do make a right, but don’t be surprised if you get yourself into strife regardless.