Sabbatical Over

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything but it’s not that nothing has happened, far from it. It’s that I’ve been too busy and writing has become a lower priority than before. In spite of the fact there is lots I could write about, I’m going to keep this post relatively short. The content will probably be only slightly interesting to a few people.

I ran out of money and was forced to start looking for another job. That was around May I think. There were a few options but decided to take a job doing Ops for REA working on Real Commercial. I’ve been there a couple of months now and really like it. I’m hacking on a lot of cool little tools, the company is big enough have a community op Ops bigger than just myself and it looks like I’m getting a graduate soon which will fulfil my desire to teach.

Since Castlemaine is too far to commute to Melbourne from, I’ve also moved house. I’ve got little apartment in in Collingwood. It’s close enough for me to ride my bike to work and I think I’m going to sell my car soon because I don’t really need it any more. Everything is close enough by bike/tram.

Living in an apartment has meant that I no longer have a shed to build things. I’m thinking about trying to find a hack space where I can continue that, but for now I’m happy without it. Later I may find a hack space.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the 9 months I took off work.

  • I read a lot about psychology in an attempt to understand myself.

  • How I should balance my mental work with physical.

  • About my natural sleep patterns.

  • I learned that I still love geeking out.

  • Building things is important to me. It give me a strong sense of self-reliance.

Another sabbatical is something that I’m definitely going to do again in the future. It has been extremely valuable and something that would have been very slow to try and achieve while still working full time. I’m planning to save up some money and hopefully in a few years I can afford to buy a block of land out in Castlemaine because I really do love it out there.